Westchester County's school districts continue to demonstrate a commitment to excellence:

  • Outstanding pupil-to-teacher ratios
  • Certified teachers with advanced degrees
  • Westchester County schools rank among the US Department of Education's "National Schools of Excellence"
  • Strong parent-teacher partnerships
  • Student test scores consistently exceed national and statewide averages
  • Westchester’s high school graduation rate is 91 percent, well above the national average
  • 94 percent of Westchester's high school graduates go on to post-secondary education
  • Innovative educational approaches to teaching and learning
  • Special curricula for talented, gifted students and special-needs students

Vocational Training
Beyond the vocational programs offered within the public schools, there are technical and occupational training institutions that provide further educational opportunities for students interested in entering the workforce directly from high school. The following locations provide a wide range of vocational, technical and trade training:

Higher Education
Westchester’s institutions of higher learning include a mix of private colleges and universities, as well as a public four-year college and a two-year community college, which are part of the New York State system.

  • Traditional four-year and two-year undergraduate degrees, as well as graduate degrees, are offered in a myriad of subject areas, such as engineering, business, education, computer science, public administration, health sciences, fine arts and science, among others.
  • New York Medical College, one of the oldest and most respected medical schools in the country, and Pace University School of Law, whose environmental law program ranks among the top in the nation, are located in Westchester County, as are several nursing schools and two divinity schools.

Colleges and Universities in Westchester: