The following is a list of the Westchester County procuring officers.

Procuring Officers

Office of the County Executive

George Latimer, County Executive

County Clerk

Timothy C. Idoni, County Clerk

District Attorney

Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., District Attorney

Board of Legislators

Benjamin Boykin, Chair

Department of the Budget

Lawrence C. Soule, Budget Director

Department of Community Mental Health

Michael Orth, M.S.W., Commissioner

Department of Correction

Jim Birrittella, Deputy Commissioner

County Attorney's Office

John M. Nonna, Esq., County Attorney

Department of Emergency Services

John M. Cullen, Commissioner

Department of Environmental Facilities

Vincent F. Kopicki, P.E., Commissioner

Department of Finance

Ann Marie Berg, Commissioner

Department of Health

Dr. Sherlita Amler, M.D., Commissioner

Department of Human Resources

Mary Mahon, Commissioner

Department of Information Technology

Marguerite Beirne, Interim Chief Information Officer

Department of Laboratories & Research

Dr. Kunjlata Ashar, M.D.,
Pathologist/Medical Examiner

Dept. of Parks Recreation and Conservation

Kathleen O'Connor, Commissioner

Department of Planning

Norma Drummond, Acting Commissioner

Department of Probation

Rocco A. Pozzi, Commissioner

Department of Public Safety

Martin J. McGlynn, Acting Commissioner

Dept. of Public Works and Transportation

Hugh J. Greechan, Jr., P.E., Commissioner

Dept. of Senior Programs and Services

Mae Carpenter, Commissioner

Department of Social Services

Kevin M. McGuire, Commissioner

Westchester Community College

Belinda S. Miles, President

Bureau of Purchase and Supply

James J. Ferrara, Purchasing Agent