Since its inception in 2012, The Westchester County Local Development Board (LDC) has assisted not-for-profit organizations in securing tax-exempt bond financing benefits totaling over $400 million. These benefits are provided at no cost or risk to the taxpayers of Westchester County. Read the official statements for certain of such bond financings.

Depending upon an organization's growth needs, acquisition, construction, reconstruction, equipping and/or furnishing of its facilities, it can receive funding from the proceeds of tax-exempt bonds issued by the LDC. Want to find out if your organization is eligible?  Complete the LDC Project Worksheet.  You may also call us at (914) 995-2952 to learn more.

In accordance with the 2005 Public Authorities Accountability Acts and the 2009 Public Authorities Reform Act, the LDC has adopted adopted by-laws, and annually adopts a Mission Statement with Performance Measure report, and the following policies: