County contractsGetting and doing business with Westchester County does not have to be challenging or intimidating. We can help you learn the basics about the different procurement processes the County uses to acquire a wide range of services and products. Read more about the County's procurement policy.

To make it easier for you to do business with us, the County has established a centralized database from which a list of active opportunities is published. These opportunities are organized into 10 business categories and may fall into one or more of the listings. You can review the list and decide which opportunities interest your company and forward a proposal. You can also look for opportunities using the advanced search.

To help promote transparency of County contracts, you can find what is being contracted, with whom the County is contracting, amount of contracts and other information.

If your business offers construction-related services, the Department of Public Works issues and awards these contracts through the Hudson Valley Municipal Purchasing Group bid notificaton system, managed by BidNet. Likewise, if your business provides products to purchase (as opposed to services), the Bureau of Purchasing and Supplies also uses BidNet to post and secure related vendor contracts.

While these County-wide business opportunities are open to the public, if you're a minority or women busines enterprise (MWBEs), we recommend that you register your business with the County's MWBE program. As a registered MWBE, you'll receive e-mail notifications when opportunities relating to your business category are published. So if you're a MWOB but have not registered, register now.