We can help your business grow, expand or relocate to Westchester County.

How? Through the following financial assistance programs:

  • Issuance of Tax Exempt Bonds and Notes
  • Sales Tax Exemptions on new construction, expansion or renovation projects, or the acquisition of new equipment
  • Mortgage Recording Tax Exemptions on the purchase of Real Estate

Visit us or call us at (914) 995-2943 to learn how since 2010 hundreds of companies applied for and received these benefits. These companies represent billions of dollars in private sector investment, have created or retained nearly 19,000 new, permanent or construction jobs and have applied for and received over $284 million from one or all of the above benefits.

Our primary goal is to promote economic development in Westchester through creating, attracting and retaining jobs. The Westchester County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is an important resource of financial assistance for your business to achieve these goals; and, we want to help.

The companies that have received these benefits vary broadly and include:

  • new construction or renovation of existing large office parks or buildings
  • medium and small businesses
  • the development of mixed-use projects, which include hotels, markets, medical office space
  • support of extensive multi-family, multi-use residential projects

We can help landlord or tenant alike. All applicants must satisfy eligibility requirements and demonstrate a need for assistance.

Depending upon an organization's growth needs, the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, equipping and/or furnishing of certain manufacturing, commercial and R&D can be funded from the proceeds of taxable and tax-exempt securities issued by the IDA. The agency can also provide exemptions from use and sales taxes for certain expenditures related to construction, furnishings, business equipment and related capital improvements, in accordance with our Uniform Tax Exemption Policy.

In accordance with the 2005 and 2009 Public Authorities Accountability Act, the Agency has adopted By-laws, and annually adopts a Mission Statement and the following policies: Code of Ethics, Whistle Blower Policy, Investment Policy, Property Disposition Policy. and Procurement Policy.

The IDA files an annual report to the Office of the New York State Comptroller, as well as semi-annual reports to the New York State Authority Budget Office.

Access a complete roster of our annual and budget reports to the New York State Authority Budget Office, recent independent financial audits, and our annual budget.